Elspeth Petrela – Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

On April 25th, Monica Yarry, Iris van Kesteren and Linda D. Jones presented Elspeth with her well deserved BWCBR Honorary Lifetime Award for Elspeth’s tireless support and efforts on behalf of the British Women’s Club of Boca Raton.  Monica presented the award with Iris contributing the flowers.

Congratulations Elspeth.

Elspeth joins Laurie Ross-Fielding, Maggie Green and Iris van Kesteren as Honorary Lifetime Members.

(Members can offer their congratulations in the comments box below.  Note that because everyone uses the same username (bwcbr), you will need to say who you are!!)


8 thoughts on “Elspeth Petrela – Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

  1. Hello Elspeth – Congratulations on your award. Lots of happy memories of times spent with you, and the BWCBR members,
    at the Golf Events you arranged. Thanks for all you have done for the club. Joy W.

  2. Congratulations, Elspeth. No one is more deserving of this honor than you.

    Lynne Wolf

  3. Congratulations Elspeth, from organising the golf, the sunbeams for being an excellent Treasurer during my term, these are just a few of the many contributions you have made to BWCBR. Love, Monica, President 2016-17

  4. So very well deserved Elspeth! Thank you for all that you continue to do for the BWCBR and our members! Linda D., President, BWCBR.

  5. Congratulations Elspeth. Thank you for your dedication to BWCBR since the beginning. Love from Maggie xx

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